Scope Certificates Awards 2020 – 28th of November 2019

Nomination Requirements

Scope Certificates Awards 2020

Participation criteria and selection process 

Best issuer Primary Market / Secondary Market

The best issuers of the last twelve months are nominated and awarded in the categories primary market issuer and secondary market issuer.

The nomination criteria are composed of the following elements:

  • Creditworthiness and Commitment
  • Market Positioning
  • Innovation
  • Product offers
  • Digitalisation strategy
  • Unique Selling Points

The above evaluation criteria are subdivided into sub-criteria, which are classified in a scorecard by the analysts of Scope Analysis.

NEW: Best issuer Trading

Scope nominates and awards the Trading Award to issuers with the best pricing and the best range of services for leverage products and discount certificates. Scope's nomination is based on a quantitative evaluation of the issuers' pricing in September 2019 and on other factors such as product offering, market share and service.

Special Award

With the Special Award Scope Analysis awards special merits to the certificate market. It can be awarded to an issuer, an independent institution or a person. Fixed criteria will not be applied when nominating for the Special Award. Rather, analysts at Scope Analysis rate special performance, setting new standards for transparency, quality or service, and innovations that are of sustained relevance to the certificate market.

Participation criteria

Participation in the award is free of charge for the universe of those registered the Deutscher Derivate Verband on the recommendation of Scope Analysis GmbH.

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