Scope Awards 2020

Event conditions


Scope Analysis GmbH (Scope) is the owner of the word and figurative mark ‘Scope’ and the creator of the ‘Scope Award Seal’ and the ‘Scope Award Sculpture’. 

The use of an award (nomination or prize) by participating companies for press, sales and marketing purposes requires prior licensing.

Photograph copyright

Photographs will be taken during the event. By participating, you declare your consent to the storage and use of the images as part of our public relations work.


By registering, you declare that you and any other participants have the necessary consent from your institution to attend this event. Scope Analysis GmbH assumes the lump-sum tax payment for the event for all persons liable to tax in Germany in accordance with § 37b of the Income Tax Act. 


The invitation to the event is personal and cannot be transferred to third parties. If you are unable to attend, your invitation can only be transferred to a third party with Scope's consent.