The award sculpture

The sculpture gives tangible form to both the rating agency’s identity and the purpose of the awards.

The Scope Group stands for independence, expertise, transparency and continuity. The Investment Awards are presented by the German rating agency to honour the quality of retail fund and institutional fund asset managers.

The search for a sculpture which reflected the achievements of award holders while, at the same time, symbolising the Scope Group’s basic principles, led to a combination of metal and glass.

The underlying design concept was penetration. The Scope Award is made up of geometric forms with clear, defined lines. A metal cylinder penetrates a tablet of glass, in the style of the Scope Group logo. Both elements are set on a square, stainless-steel base, providing weight and stability.

Metal represents integrity and measurable value, while glass combines transparency with a high standard of diligence. The sculpture thus brings together market penetration with independent judgement.

The award honours the overall achievement of its winners